Primum Non Nocere


First, do no harm…

Medicine In the Extremes started as an idea to act as a training program for young physicians in the field of Disaster Management. The first summer school, MIE 2016, was held in September and proved to be a huge success. This year, we as the organizing committee, are planning to take all we learned from last year one step further. MIE 2018 aims not only to cover all the basics of Disaster Management, but also to introduce young healthcare professionals to the fundamentals of Emergency Medicine and the psychological skills of dealing with such situations. Working in collaboration with the most pronounced experts from Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) and numerous others, MIE 2018 will be a unique opportunity for all students interested in the subject.

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NEW: Prof. Philip Zimbardo, the world famous psychologist and one of the collaborators of MIE introduces the spring school:

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Application Fees

Application period for MIE2018 is from 15th of January until February 20th.

ATTENTION!!: Normal registration has been extended until the end of March 5th and is now open.

The application fees include accommodation, airport transport, breakfast and launch and school subscription fee.

The application fees are as follows:

* International applicant (early bird): 600 €

* Iranian applicant (early bird): 5,000,000 Rials

* International applicant (normal): 600 €

* Iranian applicant (normal): 6,000,000 Rials

Please note that in case of cancellation befor March 15, 10% of the application fee will be subtracted upon return. Afterwards no fees can be refunded.

Application Form

In order to apply for MIE2018, please complete the form below:


All medicine and nursing students in second year of education or higher are welcome to apply.

Please note that each applicant is mandated to complete their application by sending us the requested item mentioned at the end of the application form within one week of submitting the application!

Program Details

MIE2018 is scheduled to be held from March 28th until April 5th, Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS), Tehran, Iran.

To find out more about the program details, please download the file below:

Program details


If you wish to join our project as volunteers, don't hesitate to fill the form below!

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