Founded in 1851, Tehran University of Medical Sciences ( TUMS ) is the oldest and most well-known center of medical training natioally as well as internationally. By having expert and professional professors and benefitting from equiped facilities for medical training, TUMS is one of the pioneers of medical education. Skill lab, one of those facilities served as a medical simulation centers for young physians, is one of the ideal places to learn and improve medical skills. Skill lab is one of the centers where emergency division of MIE 2018 will utilize to train the attendees. Beside skill lab, students have this oppurtunity to observe the medical procedures in the challenging atmosphere of one of TUMS affiliated hospitals. It is also worth noting  that a number of lectures and practical trainings will take place in Laleh Park center for disaster management.

As for accomodtaion, Tehran University dormitory is the place where our attendees are going to stay through the school. Kargar dormitory which hosts around 10,000 students, male and female, single and married, is located in the North Kargar campus which consists of over 100 hectares of land in a beautiful location of the city, only a kilometer away from the various campuses while having all the facilities needed for student life. The Amirabad dorm hosts several sport centers, gyms, wrestling halls, pools, movie theaters, restaurants as well as mosques, libraries, reading rooms, IT services, student clubs and a counseling center.